Oswego Glory Hole - Always Leave Them With A Smile
Welcome to my Little Hole in the Wall, and get ready to enjoy my oral skills on your COCK though  the private 'hole! I Do This Service For My Own Pleasure. I DO NOT  CHARGE FOR ORAL SERVICES
 Please keep in mind that I have a LIFE outside of the Glory Hole, so it is NOT available on short notice nor at all times of the day and or night, or even seven days a week.  This is a free service to you for those times when you need to shoot your load down a hot accommodating throat .  I DO MY BEST TO MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE THE GLORY HOLE WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE.
I do not give out directions for new men until we exchanged personal information ( Security Reasons ) and  have a date / time set up for you to stop by...and under NO circumstances should you come over for service unannounced.  I do not want / need  to be relaxing with friends / family eating and or watching TV and just have some guy walk in and stick his cock through the Glory Hole.  Please remember this is my HOME.  Please Respect That First And Foremost.

  I can deep-throat the big ones pretty well (longer ones better than thicker ones, but you'll still be happy), but if you DON'T have at least six inches, it will result in a lot of head-banging by me on the wall and less-than-a-full experience for you.  I don't like headaches and scrapes on the bridge of my nose, so please be honest with your cock size / length and work with me.
One On One Service Or Groups Welcome
If You Wish To Have A 2nd or Several Guys Come Over And Be Serviced All Together. That is OK With Me. I Am Not A Dating Site. So, If You Want To Be Serviced With A Few Other Guys. You Need To Set That Up Yourself.  Just Give Me A Heads Up With Those Details ( Number Of Guys Expected )
 You E Mail Me at BIGRONIL@aol.com or Call / Text  Me at (630) 809-7383. As a Security Measure I always ask for Your Stat's and A Photo if Possible. Then We Set Up A Date / Time For Service. Once That Is Done.  I Will E Mail You The Address And Any Directions You Might Need.  When You Arrive At My Building. You Will Enter The DOOR CODE That I Have Given You. You Will Walk Up The Stairs. At The Top Of The Stairs You Will See The Apartment 2 N.  ( RON"S PLACE) Listed On The Door. You Will Ring The Door Bell And  Open The Door and Walk Into My Apartment. Close Door Behind You And Lock It  ( For Privacy ), And The Glory Hole Is Set Up In Front Of You.  I Leave The  Lights Dimmed  So You Can See Where You Are Going,  Along With The Stereo Running To Help Cover Your Moans Of Pleasure.  Just Pull Your Manhood Out Of Your Pants, Step To The Hole,  And Feed It To Me--I Will Take It From There.  When You Have Blown Your Load Down My Throat, Or  On My Face ( Your Option).  Just Put Yourself Back Together. A Restroom Is Located At The End Of The Hall If Needed And Leave The Same  Way You Came In. It Is Pretty Simple, Very Private And Discreet.  All I See Is Your Dick And Balls,  And All You See Of Me Is My Mouth And Chin.  If You Wish To Use Condoms Or Poppers. They Are Available On The Table Next To The Glory Hole.

If you ever have any questions, e-mail me at BIGRONIL@aol.com  Looking forward to working on all your Cocks!
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